FREESPED The highest
quality of service

The Fresped company is an international forwarding. Experience and professionalism are the values ​​that our company follows every day. We are working with passion for over 14 years to meet the needs of our clients. We approach our duties honestly. Thanks to this, the quality of services provided gives our clients a sense of security. We flexibly adapt to the changing reality.
We are developing and investing in team competences. For us, the most important is a man – client, employee, cooperator. Our forwarders are the best professionals on the market: experienced, honest, open and ready to successfully implement the most difficult challenges.
We base our activity on many years of experience of our employees. We are constantly expanding our knowledge and competence to meet your requirements in a professional manner.
Do you know why the best people work here with us?
Because we care about our employees, which means that we will also take care of you. Our team is proactive. Always takes the initiative, proposes the best solutions and every day cares to strengthen the excellent reputation, because the trust of our customers is paramount to us.